The Blessed Garden

established in 2019

Just a 29 year old set out with a plan to change the world. Changing the world to her meant bringing beautiful plants into this world, popping with colors and offering healthy fruits and vegetables.

This was no easy task! She of course had to educate herself on gardening and hydroponics to be exact. While every day is educational, she is loving every minute of it.

She currently has spinach, radishes, zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce, swiss chard, cantaloupe, okra, daisies, bachelors button, and evening primrose growing right now on her balcony in her very first apartment ever. In fact, we think the most challenging aspect of this business has been in fact, living in such a confined space. But she’s doing it!

Of course we don’t want to forget to tell you of our other project including wood flower arrangements. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “woodflowers?!”, yes, they are made out of the tapioca plant and they smell uh-mazing, thanks to all-natural essential oils. To be honest I don’t know who wouldn’t want their home smelling like roses, lilacs, gardenias, violet, jasmine, and freesia. Take a look around to see all that we have to offer. Happy planting!

From our garden,

Tiffany and John